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Oligo – 60 Tablets – Improves Male Fertility, Sperm Count, Size and Mobility

Quality & quantity Our sedentary and workaholic lifestyle is why male infertility is a rapidly growing problem in males. As

Prostpro – 60 Capsules – For enlarged prostate

somethings are better regular sized An enlarged prostate can be highly frustrating and uncomfortable, leading to urinary and sexual difficulties.

Calm-Hi – 60 Tablets – Controls High BP

Bye high blood pressure Are you suffering from high blood pressure, or know somebody who does? High blood pressure is

Uria – 60 Capsules – Controls uric acid


Get relief from joint pains naturally with this ayurvedic remedy..

Guluconil – 60 Tablets – Helps Regulate Blood Sugar

you’re the sweetest but your blood doesn’t have to be At Dharishah Ayurveda, we believe in making natures’ bounty accessible

PilePro Combo – Professional Piles Care Package

whats better than one? and/or and/or Click on the products to go to their individual product pages. Lets make bowel

Pilepro – 60 Capsules – Controls Piles & Fissures

Lets make bowel movements great again Nowadays, several people complain about piles, fissures, and haemorrhoids, even in their 20s and

Testovridhi – 60 Capsules – Testosterone Booster For Best Physical Performance

vridhi = gains Strength Massive gains in ability to lift things up and put them down Endurance Improves blood oxygenation

Amla Shikakai Shampoo 100ml

Endless Qualities Adds Shine and Softness Makes your hair visibly lustrous and smooth Fights Dandruff Clears dandruff off the scalp

Rumaaram Syrup – 200ml – Helps Alleviate Pain

come get some Aaram Before After Rumaaram – Aaram(Relief) from Rheumatic Ailments Dharishah brings for you Rumaaram, a 100% plant-based

Healthy Heart Combo

Whats better than one? Click on the products to go to their individual product pages. Dil ka mamla hai Before

Deo – 60 Tablets – Reduces Occurances of Night Fall

stop night fall, gain confidence At Dharishah Ayurveda, we believe in making nature’s bounty accessible to all. Our herbal formulation