Ayurveda is a science that has ample side benefits but no side effects.

India has been the initiator, invigorator, and the founding grounds of Ayurveda, the science of life. Indians have always given importance to herbs and plants from the erstwhile times, trusted in their magical healing powers. Indians been the botanists to the world when the concept of the traditional medicinal system was absent. We’ve educated everyone about the ultimate benefits of Ayurveda & its live a long and healthy life balance. We’ve furthered the rejuvenation powers of Ayurveda through diet and nutrition.

Our Story

Our story at DHARISHAH starts over 100 years back, with the establishment of our first pharmacy in 1889 in Mian Wali (Lahore) by Late. Shri Hakim Dhari Shah, a well-known and renowned ayurvedic hakim during his time. His formulates and ayurvedic medicines helped several locals relieve their ailments and restore their good health. His idea and methodology earned him the name of Shri Hakim Ji in the region. He laid the foundations of what DHARISHAH is today. We follow his ideology, happiness, and thought-process into healing others and providing them treatments sans any side effects.

DHARISHAH is the product of traditional medicine & modernization. Our efforts monitor & regulate conventional herbal medication, following the same ancient traditions, amalgamating it into our modern treatments.

At DHARISHAH, we genuinely believe in Ayurveda’s hidden powers. Hence, we incorporate its natural potential into our products. We promote therapies that cure diseases using the natural ingredients present in Ayurveda. Our products popularize the significance of Ayurveda in our contemporary issues, imparting better & more reliable results than its complementary and alternative medicines.

DHARISHAH is the brainchild of two highly educated modern professionals, those who trust the power of Ayurveda entirely & what it can do in the disease landscape.

Our Vision

Our vision has been very consistent since when we just started out more than 130 years ago. First and foremost for us is serving Ayurveda, in its purest and finest form, no marketing gimmicks, no false promises. That alone covers a lot of it because Ayurveda isn’t just about healing, its more about balance of energies. Balance is often overshadowed by ones desire for excellence but balance is one of the more important qualities, not just inner balance but living in balance with the world.


Ayurveda is about taking medicinal herbs and combining them to help mankind live a more balanced life, but we take that further we want to maintain the balance with the world. Giving back to earth, making products that are not tested on animals and are cruelty free. 100% plant based formulations that are made using refined modern methods to minimise waste. Balancing the scale by buying from local vendors be it packing material, raw material or even services we try our best to source it locally. Helping maintain our immediate environment and not feeding potential monopolies.

Self Produced

While we don’t have anything against trading but we believe Dharishah’s logo on a product should mean an assurance that the product was made a 100 percent from scratch using just the very raw materials in-house at our facility. Thats more than 60 products, not many other companies can claim to make all their products on their own. Most consumers don’t realise how many of the products they consume weren’t actually produced by the company they bought it from. The sad truth is that most companies don’t even know how their products are made. If you see our logo on a product you can be certain it was made by us with utmost love and care.

Our Team

Mr. Rajinder Dhamija is the one who turned his generations-old legacy of Ayurvedic knowledge into reality. He’s built the business from scratch, laying bricks of success from the ground zero levels. His family was known in Mianvali; however, he had to leave behind his legacy during the partition. He’s leading the brigade as the Managing Director of DHARISHAH and helping the general public understand the true importance of Ayurveda and why you must include it as a part of your lifestyle.

Mr. Naman Dhamija heads the marketing division and is the 4th generation from his family involved in furthering the benefits of Ayurveda to the world. He is a B. Tech in Computer Science from a reputed college.; however, he left his 9-to-5 job to reinvent Ayurvedic treatments in our urban living. He envisions reaching the Gen Z and millennial population through his Ayurvedic products and forward the idea of replacing allopathic medicines with such natural and highly beneficial treatments.